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In the face of hardship, trauma, and chaos, it's all too easy to succumb to the overwhelming pain and obscurity. The very notion of light may seem elusive, obscured by an unbearable reality.


Nevertheless, even in the bleakest moments, we retain the power to choose light, to become the beacon of hope.

That's how 'Dreaming the Light' came to be born from my own pain, anxiety, fear, and tears.

I've decided to reclaim my strength, no matter how daunting the present may be or how uncertain the future appears.


My aim is to share the illuminating essence of dreaming, sleeping, and resting with all who endure suffering, as a reminder that they are always ready to aid in healing, transforming trauma, offering solace, and bringing tranquility.

I will share what 'Dreaming the Light' has to offer through interviews that feature practical advice, videos, online resources, events and more.

This channel is coming soon!
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