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"Our inner wisdom can emerge when we learn

our own dream language."


AbOut Me

My life has been filled with dreams since I can remember. In spite of the fact that in my home there wasn't much room for dream sharing, I always felt fascinated by dream figures and events. Even though I grew up hearing the diminishing sentence "it was just a dream" often, I knew deep down that there had to be something to it. Dreaming would be pointless otherwise, wouldn't it?


As I embraced my passion for dreams a few years ago, I began taking small steps towards connecting with my dreams on a deeper level. Through my journey, I learned that we all carry the answers we seek, and that dreams can help us discover them. Our inner wisdom can emerge when we learn our own dream language and open ourselves to nighttime messages. It is not easy for us to access the unconscious mind during the waking state, but our dreams allow us to examine our deepest feelings, fears, and desires. All we have to do is to listen. 


My dreams have provided me with guidance and advice whenever I am faced with a challenging situation or a dilemma. While I can't say that their message is always easy to understand, I can say that when I ask for help, they never disappoint me.


My ApprOach

The two things I love most about dreamwork are that it's inclusive and empowering. It doesn't matter what your religious or spiritual background is, whether you believe dreams are divine messages, whispers of inner wisdom,

or simply the results of your brain processing information. All that matters is being open to the possibility that your dreams carry wisdom and guidance.

Dreamwork invites you to look within and embrace that the messages you receive every night can be helpful in many ways.

Dreamwork teaches you to trust your intuition by connecting you to your unconscious mind.

You don't need someone to interpret your dreams or hand you a dream dictionary - all you need to do is hold space for your dreams, ask questions and remain open to what happens next. As a person who is walking this path and believes in its power, I will be honored to accompany you on this journey - not as a teacher but as a companion.

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